My first post!

Hello everyone, welcome to my page! This is my first post of a new adventure and really, a new life! I plan on doing at least 1100 miles of the Appalachian Trail with a Ranger buddy of mine, and possibly the whole hike! This is a spiritual, soul searching, find my self mission. I have had one hell of a life and at 32 and now,  it’s do or die. I want to use this channel to tell my story as well as get ready for this hike! I’ll talk gear, packing, food, and memories from life. Ill keep you updated on what I find on the trail, off the trail, and what I find out about myself!  I plan on updating through out the adventure with words, thoughts, videos,  and photos! I am going to attempt to record using a 360 degree camera so you can be there with me the entire time!! I’m learning this wordpress thing so please bear with me, we will eventually get there! I welcome questions, comments, and tips! Thanks for stopping in, and wish me luck!


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