Packing List Scrub!

What’s up guys and gals! Been sitting here at the house since I woke up going over this packing list! I am running through what I have vs. what I don’t and what I need to buy! I started a go fund me account and have had friends and strangers help me in this quest! It’s amazing how much people want you to be happy! Ill add a link to my page in a bit! Can not let this opportunity pass and maybe I can return the favor somehow! Anyway, just wanted to post a couple photos of the days adventure! I moved outside because the weather is awesome!! Here in Northern New York, you take advantage of any sun you get!
I am also having an internal battle from 12 years in the Army as a grunt, or infantry, in regards what to pack. I am not in the army anymore…so. no need to pack everything and the kitchen sink!! I can pack to comfort for this one! I have been looking up logistics too. Looks like I just need about 4-5 days worth of food at a time and I can resupply in town or have packages mailed to me along the way. The latter would prove to be difficult due to inconsistencies on the trail, you know ow, life in general. I will have some stripped down MRE’S sent to at least 3 locations in case! Super high calorie meals would be great to supplement the snacks and trail food! If you all have any experiance, please let me know. P.s…game time is 24may2016! I will fly down to GA on the 23 and start walking the 24th.
I will post up a packing list when possible and start/end weights of my pack once complete! Once again, thank you for stopping in and I appreciate comments, tips, shares!

Sunshine and packing lists!!

Sent notes and prices of gear I am looking at!

Just started packing..and yes, I'm taking that tomohawk!


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